Business Taxes

04 Jan


Nobody likes them, everybody needs to pay them – especially businesses. You need to file your taxes every year before April 15th. Pick a weekend early in February and get them done. The first day you’ll be able to file your 2013 tax return will be Feb 4, 2014.  You can talk to your personal tax adviser regarding filing your taxes, or you can do them yourself. If you’re going to do taxes yourself, I recommend Turbo Tax.

For a sole proprietorship (the business type recommended by this guide) or single member-LLC, download and use:

  • TurboTax Home & Business (Federal and State included). You’ll file your Federal 1040 as you would usually do, but you also include a Schedule C form attached to your 1040. The schedule C attachment details your sole proprietorship. Easy, right? 🙂

For a multi-member LLC, you can use:

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