Case Study: Automated Grow Room Monitor

04 Jan

This is where I’ll demonstrate using The Solo Startup process to sell a product that helps people monitor their grow room at home.

Getting Started

Get Organized. I’m organized.

Create the company. Sole Proprietorship and I have a business bank account.


PROBLEM – Monitoring your grow room should be easy and inexpensive
SOLUTION – GreenerBot
UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION –¬†lowest cost monitoring solution available
UNFAIR ADVANTAGE – low overhead
CUSTOMER SEGMENTS – people that grow plants as a business
CHANNELS – Adwords, social
KEY METRICS – sales, conversion rate
COST STRUCTURE –¬†customer acquisition costs, distribution costs, hosting
REVENUE STREAMS – sales of the GreenerBot

Choose a name for your product

I went through a couple names, GreenerBot is what I ended up with. Something with “mon” in it would be nice.

“Automated Grow Room Monitoring”

Get Feedback

Still working on it!

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