Getting Organized

04 Jan

Here’s a check-list, what you may need before you start:

  • A box/desk/drawer to store your business supplies (paper, pens, envelopes)
  • A box/folder to store important reference papers in (receipts)
  • A box/folder to store receipts in
  • A designated spot for your important boxes – somewhere in your room
  • Ball-point pens
  • Tape
  • Envelopes
  • A directory/digital-folder on your computer dedicated to your business
  • A printer for printing and a scanner for scanning documents into your computer
  • An external hard drive to keep your business backed up
  • A daily-calendar (or you can use google calendar)
  • A notebook
  • A computer for managing your business from
  • Red sharpie (completed task)
  • Green Sharpie (non-completed task)
  • $10 / yr for your web domain
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