Product Development

04 Jan

You’ve got your product name and idea together, it’s time to get started on your minimum viable product. This is going to be version 1 of your product or service.  This section of The Solo Startup guide will help you with your product development process.

  1. Start with a Customer Needs Document
  2. Authoring of Requirements -> Requirements Document
  3. Map of Requirements to Designs -> Design Specification
  4. Create a Project Plan -> Project Plan
  5. Scheduling -> Schedule
  6. Feasibility Study -> Revised Requirements
  7. Detailed Feature Design – Detailed Design Specificaiton
  8. Revise Project Plan -> Revised Project Plan
  9. Revise Schedule -> Revised Schedule
  10. Coding -> Code
  11. Documentation -> Help Documents

Development Process, can be completed weekly.

Register your domain name ($10/yr) at or For the rest of this guide, I will refer to namecheap, but you can use godaddy just as easily. If you’re going to be using GoDaddy Quick Store, you’ll get this for free for the first year.


Get your primary email address. You have two options for this, I recommend #1 if you won’t need to send out more than 500 emails per day:

(free) Go to and get


($60/yr) Create a Google Apps account and use the administrator email as your primary email address. To keep costs low, I recommend using only one user account ( and adding adding that address as a catch-all so that you can use other front-facing email addresses in things like your SSL certificate or support interface (e.g.

Now that you have your product idea, it’s time to get started developing your product.

Is it a website? Is it a desktop app? Is it an android app? Is it an iPhone app? These are important questions, because it tells you where you’re going to find resources to help you.

If you have money, you can hire a developer from craigslist.

Let’s dig in as if you have a piece of desktop software that you’d like to sell.

  • An email address ( Get this from
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