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04 Jan

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Now that you have your hardware or software product as at least a minimum viable product, it’s time to sell online. You have a number of options.

You can compare e-commerce store providers here.

My recommendations follow (in order):

-Purchasing a domain (namecheap)

hosting (GoDaddy Deluxe (Linux))

Purchasing and installing SSL certificate

Installing WordPress on the server

Purchasing and installing a premium eCommerce theme and demo content.

eCommerce plugins

end with a final completed site

Godaddy Quick Shopping Cart ($25 per month)

  • $300 up front ($25/mo) – cancel if you don’t like it for a pro-rated refund. There are a number of “free” things that you get your first year (Merchant Account + SSL) that will be renewed on year 2. If you’re not making enough money to afford these costs by year 2, you should shut the company down.

BigCommerce ($25 per month with 14-day free trial)

Shopify ($14-$30 per month with 14-day free trial)

Custom website (for a web and database developer, this is an option)

  • Payment Processors: Paypal, Stripe, Square. You can use any of the aforementioned payment processors and integrate with your own custom solution if you’re a programmer
  • Google Analtyics for website metrics and tracking
  • Cleverbridge – If you’re planning on massive sales, you can reach out and they may provide you an online website for 10% of revenue + $200 setup fee
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