The Hats You Wear as a Solo Founder

04 Jan

As the solo startup owner, you’re responsible for everything. I like to call this the CEO – Chief Everything Officer.

Here are the hats you’re going to need to be able take on:

Owner (CEO/CSO) – As the owner, you’re responsible for financing the company and providing any infrastructure required to drive your business

Web Developer (CTO) – You’ll be selling online, so you’ll need a website. This is the responsibility of the Web Developer role.

Software Developer (CTO) – If you’re selling software, you’ll be responsible for the development of your software product.

Accountant (CFO) – You need to keep track of income and expenses, balance your books, and file your taxes. This is the responsibility of the accountant.

Sales and Marketing Person (CMO) – Sales is a critical aspect of growing a business. Getting new customers is the only way to grow. This is the responsibility of the Sales and Marketing.

Support – Customers have problems. Billing problems and product problems are the most common, and they’ll need answers to their questions. I like to call this one the Chief Help Officer (CHO).

Operating Officer (COO) – Interestingly, this role would typicallly be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Since this guide is focused on a “SOLO” startup, this role is actually just you managing yourself (which is still important).

Here’s a reality check for what you’re getting into.

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