On Time Management

14 Jan

So there was recently a post on Hacker News about a watch that vibrates every five minutes.

The idea is that you get a better sense of how you’re spending your time if you’re reminded every five minutes that goes by.

The watch costs a lot of money, so I got a cheap substitute – A GymBoss Black ($20).

The device vibrates every five minutes and it will vibrate up to 99 times per “session”.

I’ve only been wearing it for about *taking a look at the device* … 99 minus 72  … 135 minutes, but I can already tell that it’s changing how I feel about how I spend my time.

The device can be configured for a maximum of 99 intervals, that’s 99 5-minute intervals; about 500 minutes.

500 minutes, that’s about 480 minutes, that’s 8 hours. What do I do in 8 hours?

Well, 8 hours is about 1 average work day.

8 hours is the amount of time I sleep for (if I’m lucky).

There are three 8 hour intervals in a day; maybe 8 hours for my day job, 8 hours for relax, 8 hours for sleep.

How much time do I really need for sleep? 5 hours. 5 hours; each hour is 12 five-minute intervals; that’s 70 vibrations.

How long have I spent on this blog post? 2 vibrations; that’s 10 minutes – that’s enough.

I’ve got a good feeling about this GymBoss – I wonder how long this AAA battery will last. 🙂

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